‘No’ is a complete sentence.

If there’s only room for 3R in your life, make it Refuse, Refuse, Refuse! Refuse – My favorite R! When you practice Refuse all the time, you would have eliminated 50% of waste coming into your life. Really effective! Moreover, ‘No’ is a complete sentence. You do not need to give any explanation as toContinue reading “‘No’ is a complete sentence.”

How to be Zero Waste? Why should I care?

Our buy and throw away culture creates a lot of trash and stress to our only Planet home. Results? We can see our everyday waste polluting the air, land, and sea. The same air we breathe from, the land we grow our food from, and the water we drink from. These waste (including plastic debris,Continue reading “How to be Zero Waste? Why should I care?”

Reincarnation of Smiles Like Green Spirit

What is this about and how this all came about? I’ve been practicing Zero Waste and zero shopping on new fashion items since 2018 and discovered many Rs along the way which helped me in my journey. I shared my learnings mostly on social media (IG & FB) but held back on the need toContinue reading “Reincarnation of Smiles Like Green Spirit”

What is Zero Waste?

End 2017, I came across a Zero Waste FB group in Malaysia and learned about Bea Johnson’s 5R principles. It has since opened up my eyes to the world of Rs and I knew I could do so much more than just Recycling. When I heard about the term ‘Zero Waste’, my first thought wasContinue reading “What is Zero Waste?”