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Repeating Outfits

If Michelle Obama can wear the same dress for her important meetings, so can I. Once upon a time in the limelight of the fashion and creative industry, I used to think one cannot be caught wearing the same dress twice! Says who?! It was a standard I set for my vanity, at the costContinue reading “Repeating Outfits”

Recipe: DIY Coffee Scrub

from used coffee grounds, using 3 simple ingredients. I’m an avid coffee lover. I love it even more when I discovered various ways to repurpose used coffee ground, such as making coffee art, fertilizer, and beauty products like soap or body scrub. Coffee has high antioxidant, and it’s beneficial for our skin. Before you tossContinue reading “Recipe: DIY Coffee Scrub”

Rot and Return

nutrients to Earth. When we rot or make compost from organic waste such as veggie scraps, fruit peels, dry leaves, used coffee grounds, tea leaves, hair, nails, and paper, they break down naturally and return as nutrient-rich soil that grows our food. The wonderful circular design of Mother Nature. In Malaysia, I am mostly outContinue reading “Rot and Return”

Repair, Re-gift, Repurpose

before recycling. Repair was the norm during my mother’s generation. We would bring our electrical appliances, be it a walkman, a radio, a fan, a TV, a VHS player, to a repairman around the neighborhood if they stopped working. For clothing, my mother would hand sew loose buttons, mend holes and they are good toContinue reading “Repair, Re-gift, Repurpose”


I used to be a shopaholic, a hoarder, and a collector. Had a walk-in wardrobe filled with clothes but nothing to wear. Now, I have less but all of what I need. ‘If less is more, maybe nothing is everything.‘ ~ Rem Koolhaas Before, having more stuff made me felt somewhat important, accomplished, successful. Now,Continue reading “Reduce”


The most important R of all. I believe everything starts from the head. A thought triggers a feeling which leads to action and result. Good thought leads to a good result and vice versa. Control your mind, which in turn, controls your result. Therefore, it’s really important to set your mind right, align with goodContinue reading “Rethink”

What the R?!

It all began with 3Rs, then 5Rs, 6Rs, now 10Rs, and more! I am a collector by nature. Since I’ve stopped buying and accumulating stuff in general, I might as well start gathering these Rs that have shown up in my zero waste journey somewhere, like this blog. When you decided to remove an addictionContinue reading “What the R?!”


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