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Jasmine Tuan

Zero Waste Advocate & Activist – PR & Marketing for Planet Earth

A self-confessed shopaholic, hoarder, collector, and a well-organized one, Jasmine Tuan, a multidisciplinary creative brand consultant, who loves fashion and traveling, downsized her life from a walk-in wardrobe to a rack full in 2015 and committed to buy nothing new in 2018.

No stranger to the fashion, music, and creative scene in Singapore, Jasmine used to co-owned and managed concept retail store ‘Blackmarket’ housing the best of Asia fashion, design, and art (Nov 2008 – Aug 2013). She later moved to Malaysia to work on a similar project, which caused her to drastically downsize her life within a few months as she knew she could not possibly take everything with her. Jasmine left Singapore feeling light and free. However, the 1:3 currency exchange rate got her excited to shop again, be it from retail shops, independent brands, clearance sales, charity markets, flea markets, or online. Her wardrobe in Malaysia soon ran out of hanging space, and she caught herself in the vicious cycle of spring cleaning, selling at the flea market, donating to charity, again! Different country, but nothing changed!

End 2017, Jasmine met a Zero Waste group in Malaysia and realized she could do much more than just recycling. Inspired, Jasmine radically changed her lifestyle in 2018 by applying the 5Rs principles in this sequence daily: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. She added ‘Rethink’ in front as she believes everything starts from the head. At the same time, Jasmine committed to zero shopping on new fashion items, especially from fast fashion brands. In September 2019, she revived the brand ‘Blackmarket’ as a preloved store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with the mission to circulate good fashion pieces within the community, encouraging shoppers to buy second hand first.

It’s never easy going against the tide, but it’s been freeing to have less, and fun for Jasmine to exercise her creativity to a whole new level. She soon discovers more Rs in her zero waste journey, which helped her stay sane and wants to dedicate this site to share her learnings to help others. One R at a time.

Smiles Like Green Spirit

Smiles Like Green Spirit

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