Recipe: DIY Toothpaste

with just 3 simple ingredients! Baking Soda (Refillable at any package-free store) Coconut Oil (Refillable at any package-free store) Essential Oil such as Peppermint, Spearmint, or Thieves oil blend Ratio 1 : 1 and add 10 drops of any EO choice Mix all ingredients in a small bowl with a teaspoon or tablespoon until it’sContinue reading “Recipe: DIY Toothpaste”

Remind me what is Zero Waste again?

“Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.” ~ for Fashion Revolution I’ve compiled a set of Zero Waste explanations and definitions from various sources in this post in order to get a broader perspective about this term. “Zero Waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resourceContinue reading “Remind me what is Zero Waste again?”

Recipe: DIY Coffee Scrub

from used coffee grounds, using 3 simple ingredients. I’m an avid coffee lover. I love it even more when I discovered various ways to repurpose used coffee ground, such as making coffee art, fertilizer, and beauty products like soap or body scrub. Coffee has high antioxidant, and it’s beneficial for our skin. Before you tossContinue reading “Recipe: DIY Coffee Scrub”

Rot and Return

nutrients to Earth. When we rot or make compost from organic waste such as veggie scraps, fruit peels, dry leaves, used coffee grounds, tea leaves, hair, nails, and paper, they break down naturally and return as nutrient-rich soil that grows our food. The wonderful circular design of Mother Nature. In Malaysia, I am mostly outContinue reading “Rot and Return”

Repair, Re-gift, Repurpose

before recycling. Repair was the norm during my mother’s generation. We would bring our electrical appliances, be it a walkman, a radio, a fan, a TV, a VHS player, to a repairman around the neighborhood if they stopped working. For clothing, my mother would hand sew loose buttons, mend holes and they are good toContinue reading “Repair, Re-gift, Repurpose”

Consider these 3Rs before Recycling!

Repair, Re-gift, Repurpose before you jump into the Recycle bandwagon. I was introduced to the term ‘Recycling’ during Temasek Polytechnic days by a good friend when I was about to throw away a snack packaging. Ever since that introduction, I became somewhat a hoarder, a trash collector, a recycler, and an up-cycler, trying to saveContinue reading “Consider these 3Rs before Recycling!”

Over and over and over and over and over…

The joy of reusing is never-ending! If I had to buy something that’s pre-packed from a supermarket, I would get the ones packed in glass. The reason being, I can clean and reuse it for as long as I don’t break it. These glass containers, jars, bottles, come in handy when I refill products atContinue reading “Over and over and over and over and over…”

‘No’ is a complete sentence.

If there’s only room for 3R in your life, make it Refuse, Refuse, Refuse! Refuse – My favorite R! When you practice Refuse all the time, you would have eliminated 50% of waste coming into your life. Really effective! Moreover, ‘No’ is a complete sentence. You do not need to give any explanation as toContinue reading “‘No’ is a complete sentence.”